Traffic Fine Manager will manage all traffic infringement notices and enforcement orders
on your behalf, whether personal, commercial or corporate.

Currently there are two traffic law enforcement systems operational in South Africa: AARTO in JMPD and TMPD regions, and the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) in the rest of the country. Plans are underway to amend the bill and implement AARTO country-wide.

Up to 30 June 2018, very few enforcement orders were issued. AARTO are strictly enforcing the Act, and once an Enforcement Order is activated, it lock the person or entity’s e-NaTIS account, so no vehicle license renewal or driving license card renewals are allowed. This may have significant repercussions for vehicle owners in terms of insurance, as well as finance houses and large vehicle fleet owners.

Through the eValue8 app, private vehicle owners can manage their fines on their cell phones.
For corporate and commercial clients a different monthly service is available.

What you need to know when in South Africa

Courtesy Letter

32 days after the Infringement Notice (fine) is sent out, a courtesy letter is sent, which will cost R60

Enforcement Order

If the Courtesy Letter is ignored, an Enforcement Order is issued at R60

Warrant of Execution

If executed, your assets are seized and you are blacklisted at credit bureaus.

All these costs will be for the person who committed the offence, or proxy of the company, if it is a company vehicle. In addition to the person, the notice/s will also remain against the vehicle. If a fine is redirected from the proxy of the company to the driver of the vehicle for that specific infringement, and the new recipient does not pay the fine, the vehicle will still be blocked on e-NaTIS.

Currently JMPD is amending all infringement notices to enforcement orders. The effect of this is that no e-NaTIS transactions will be allowed until all outstanding fines are paid. No vehicle registration, no license renewals. No valid licenses also means that the insurance may repudiate any claims lodged during this time.

In collaboration with specific strategic partners, Traffic Fine Manager developed a service offering to assist the motorist, either corporate and fleet vehicle owners, or private vehicle owners.

Traffic Fine Manager collaborates with entities who proved that they get results, and get things done.
Fines4U, Imagin8, and GAE Scan were chosen due to their success rate and track records

 High Court Cases won:

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Currently there are two traffic law enforcement systems operational in South Africa: AARTO in JMPD and TMPD regions, and the Criminal Procedure Act in the rest of the country. Plans are underway to amend the bill and implement AARTO country-wide.

Require and audit of outstanding fines?
Send a copy of your driving license card if you are a person, or if you are responsible for a fleet, send us a copy of your e-NaTIS business registration certificate and a copy of the ID of the proxy of the company.